Family & Dry Brushing

Things have been pretty hectic for the Sheridan family, yet again… hence my absence in the world of blogging. Just to give you a little update, we bought a house!!! We couldn’t be more excited about this and the next big chapter for our family. It all seems to be happening all at once, baby and house, but we feel so blessed. The next month will be chaos with our move, but we are looking forward to finally getting into our new house.

photo (62)

In pregnancy news, I have truly popped! I said in my previous post that I was bound to have a big baby because my husband was a 10 pound baby, but I am showing more than most people would be at 18 weeks. At first I was a little concerned because they say with your first you barely show. But I have come to realize that everyone is different and experiences pregnancy differently. If I were eating fast food and crap all day I would understand having a large bump (getting fat), but I am not. Unlike my first trimester, I am eating salads every day for lunch and having frequent and healthy snacks like greek yogurt and a piece of fruit with light string cheese. I am also feeling pretty good so I have been able to work out 4-5 times a week. Swimming,Tracy Anderson and the elliptical with light weight training have been my go to and I feel great after exercising! I am sure at some point that will end, so for now I will take advantage of it!

photo (60)

15 weeks vs 18 weeks ( the baby is going through a growth spurt)

In other exciting news, my sister is also pregnant … due just two weeks behind me and she is also showing too, which makes me feel a little better. My mom said she showed early in each of her pregnancies, so I guess that is what is happening to us. My sister is adorable with her little baby bump and I am so excited to go through this with her.

photo (63)

photo (61)

Now on to dry brushing. What the heck is it you might ask. That is exactly what I asked when I first heard of it. After doing a little research and talking to some friends that do it, I became hooked.

woman using bath brush

So what is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a method of using a body brush to brush your dry skin and open up the pores on your skin. The benefits of dry brushing are too good to be true because not only does it improve your skin tone, but it also reduces cellulite, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, and rides your body of toxins.

How Often? 

To receive the true benefits of dry brushing you should be doing it daily. I find a good time to dry brush to be right before I take my shower, whether in the morning or evening. Don’t ever dry brush when wet.

How to Dry Brush? 

First, buy a dry brush. The direction of your brushing should always be towards the heart. Start at your legs and make a sweeping motion on each leg, all the way around, going up towards your heart. Then move to your arms and sweep towards your chest. On your belly and sides make a counter clockwise circular motion. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it. Don’t press the brush too hard against the skin. Check out this video for further instructions.

Yes, dry brushing might sound crazy, but the benefits are too great to ignore. Especially for us pregnant women who want to avoid getting stretch marks and cellulite while we gain an amount of weight we never thought possible.

Have you ever dry brushed before?

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