Oh Baby, Baby!

You may have noticed that my blog posts have been few and far between as of late and there is good reason …


Danny and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first bambino in early January! The official due date is January 8, 2014!! We are over-the-moon excited about baby Sheridan’s arrival and have been busting at the seems to make our official announcement! We can’t wait to become a family of 4, but I am not sure how Ripken feels.  Let’s just say our sweet pup will have some major adjustments to make when our newest addition arrives!


I ended up telling some of my friends a few weeks back when I was 10 weeks because I am ALREADY showing!! Yes, I am shocked at how much I am showing already and lets just say it has been an adjustment getting used to my body changing so much! But I am trying to embrace it and rock the bump! I am proud to say that I was able to exercise through most of my first trimester and have found some great pregnancy friendly workouts to keep me feeling good throughout this pregnancy. Swimming, Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy DVDs, long walks, the elliptical and prenatal yoga have been keeping me sane 4-5 days a week. Let’s hope I can keep it up! I do really miss running though!

Danny and I both think that it will be a boy … a big Sheridan boy! Danny was a 10 lb baby, which scares me to death to think of having a baby that big. My mother-in-law still talks about how Danny turned her lips blue with pain when he was born. So if it is a 10 lb baby, I hope I go early! We are not going to find out the sex because we had a challenging enough time getting pregnant (that is for an entirely different post), and we want this to be a surprise and something so special. My husband can’t believe that I don’t want to find out, as I am a chronic planner and don’t know how to navigate my week without a plan. But I argue that this is the ONE big surprise I can have in life and I want to enjoy it!

photo (57)

(Baby Sheridan at 11 weeks :))

So that is why you haven’t heard much from me lately. Not because I was consumed by everything baby on the brain and couldn’t concentrate to write any posts. Rather, I was soooo turned off by all food and eating was a struggle. The thought of cooking … barf! The thought of cooking healthy … barf! The thought of even making a sandwich … barf! My morning sickness hasn’t been too terrible, but I have struggled more with the food aversions! I get nauseous from time to time, but the real problem has been how all things HEALTHY make me want to run in the other direction! Yes, me … someone who prides herself in eating healthy and taking care of my body was not able to eat ANY vegetables for a whole month ( imagine what that does to your system) and still can’t even stomach the idea of eating salmon, my once favorite fish to eat! My friends laugh because it is so unlike me and they are thoroughly enjoying watching me eat these not so healthy foods.

For the last 3 months my blog should of been called “Find Your Unhealthy Hell” because that is what I felt like. As hard as I tried to fight it and find a way to eat healthy, I just couldn’t. Carbs and carbs alone, which in the past I tried to limit, became my best friend. Think “oodles of noodles”, mac-n-cheese, bagels, and crackers …. they were my go-to. My doctor told me not to worry about it and it is all about surviving the first trimester Well, that is just what I did. I am finally starting to get back to my old self and the last 2 weeks have enjoyed a few salads and a more balanced diet. Luckily, yogurt, nuts, eggs, and some fruits were a part of my diet my whole  first trimester, so I can feel good about that right? After eating like a 15 year old boy for the last 3 months, I am looking forward to getting back to how I ate before.

My goal over the next 6 months is to prepare and eat good & healthy meals for me and the baby. My husband is begging me to get back to my “healthy haven” because this change in eating has affected his waist line more than he likes. We are extremely excited for this next chapter in our lives and feel incredibly blessed!

Stay tuned!

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