Wishing You All A Special Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend and it got me thinking about what it means to be a Mom. I am not a Mom yet, but very much look forward to having that honored role one day soon. I can’t help but think of my own Mother and all that she has done for me since that cold February day that I was born.


Nurtured and cared for me as an infant.

Practiced incredible patience with my temper tantrums as a stubborn toddler and then again as an ignorant teenager.

Made me believe I could and still can be anything I put my mind to.

Believed in me when no one else would.

Taught me about the importance of faith, family and love.

35125_940806454218_8249437_n 30291_907775204108_4488774_n


Has been a shoulder to cry on and has comforted me when no one else could.

Has shared so much joy and happiness with me.


Is the best example of what a committed, loving and fulfilling marriage should look like.


Is a great dance partner.


Is the best Grandma to her little grandpuppy.


And I am lucky enough to say that she is my best friend.


For all of you celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend I am in awe of all that you sacrifice for your children and the never ending love and support you give to your family. Take this weekend as a well deserved time to sit back and relax. You all deserve it!

Also, to my equally beautiful, fun-loving, enthusiastic, generous, supportive, hilarious, and loving mother-in-law. Thank you for giving me the best gift of all, your son, and raising him to be such a wonderful man.


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