Let Go & Let God!

I can’t believe I have gone over a week without posting anything. Sorry for the silence on my end. Things have been really busy for me lately and to be honest, I was having trouble finding the motivation to write a new post. I have been cooking a lot and have lots of new and healthy recipes to share with you, but I felt like my first post back needed to be different, more personal and about something God has been trying to teach me the last few weeks.

Have you ever had something in your life that you were anxious about and struggling with? Something that kept knocking you down and making it hard to trust or believe that things would turn around for you? I think there are times in our lives that God allows us to struggle with something because he wants to teach us something, draw us closer to him and makes us stronger. Whether it is a feeling of restlessness in your career, trouble in a relationship, struggle with an addiction ( food or alcohol), feeling like you are alone or like you can’t reach the goals you set for yourself no mater how hard you try … God gives us these challenges for a reason.


God has given me many blessings in my life, but he has also thrown many challenges my way too. And as I look back on the challenges I once faced and how difficult it was to overcome, I can now say I am grateful for those tough times because it taught me so much about myself and taught me how to trust God. There is a time in all of our lives that God chooses to give us a cross to carry, something that weighs down on your shoulders and seems impossible to walk with. He does this, not because He has abandoned us and wants us to fail, rather because He loves us and wants to teach us how to let go and trust in Him. My mom has always taught me that “God wouldn’t bring you to it, unless he would bring you through it.” This is something I try to remember as I carry my own crosses in life.


When my Dad got sick 5 years ago, I really didn’t know how I would survive the situation or how I could benefit form it. I had moments of feeling angry and hopeless, but looking back I am so grateful for the experience because it gave me the faith I have today and a relationship with my Dad that I never had before. Click here to read the full story about my Dad getting sick and how it changed my life.

So what I am trying to tell you today and what God has truly been challenging me to do the last couple of months is to let go and let God. We live in a world where we are used to controlling every little thing in our life and it tends to push God out of our focus. God gives us challenges to bring our focus back to him and start trusting Him with our life. Instead of letting these “crosses” break us apart, we should make it an opportunity to allow God to work miracles in our life and draw closer to our faith. It takes a lot of energy to worry and agonize over any difficult situations we are faced with. Wouldn’t it be easier to let go, give it to God and trust that he has a plan for us in all of this? This is still something I struggle with, as I am only human, but I try to remind myself that God has a plan for me and I wouldn’t be in this certain moment if it weren’t meant to impact my life in a way that I will later understand further down the road. It is always easier to have perspective once you are through a difficult period in your life.

To me, faith means trusting in God in all that we do, even if we don’t know what the outcome will be. So when you meet a crossroad in your life, choose to let God guide you to the right path and invite him to walk it along with you.  If you can do this, I promise you will walk down that path with peace in your heart, clarity in your mind and hope for your future.


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