Buddy Up Your Workouts & Tone It Up

You know the feeling of a good workout, when your muscles are trembling, your heart beating fast and sweat dripping down your face? I love that feeling, a feeling of accomplishment and hard work.  It is even better when you can look next to you and see your best bud doing the same thing and fighting through the challenging exercise right there with you.


Last night I met up with my best bud, Iana, and attended our regular Tuesday night Total Body Conditioning class with one of the best trainers out there, Katy at Fitness First in Bethesda. She pushes you beyond your comfort zone to the point that you think you may collapse. She challenges you with interval training, incorporating circuits of cardio and strength training. I did this class religiously for 6 months before my wedding, 2 1/2 years ago, and it got me into the best shape I have ever been in. I told my two friends and beautiful brides-to-be, Iana & Bethany, that this class will whip them into shape and they have been very religious about their attendance. I have to say it is paying off, they both look great!

After going to the TBC class off and on over the past two years, I cut back after the wedding, I got an extra boost of motivation when I found out my friends were doing it every week. That motivated me to make a date with my best bud and get my butt to the gym for a challenging workout. I workout 6 days a week, but I most look forward to my workout dates with my friend because it keeps me motivated and gives me time to catch up with her.


Reasons to Buddy Up Your Workouts

  • Creates accountability 
  • Provides motivation
  • Makes your workout more fun
  • Allows you to catch up with your friends
  • Surrounding yourself with friends that like to be active sets you up for success
  • Creates a friendly competition, seeing your friend push through a tough work out routine will make you try even harder

Ways to Buddy Up Your Workouts

  • Try a new fitness class together 
  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a run outside
  • Set up weekly dates with your friend for a particular class or rotate a different routine each week
  • Become a Tone It Up member and encourage your friend to do the same. Check in with each other everyday to make sure you both did your daily TIU  fitness routine. Click here to find out how.



So next time you feel like skipping a workout call up one of your friends and make it a “workout date.” If you can schedule weekly dates it will keep you accountable to your fitness routine and will provide a support system to encourage each other to reach your fitness goals. Why do you think the Tone It Up girls, Katrina & Karena, are so successful? Because they have each other and make it a priority and commitment to encourage one another to reach their fitness goals. Do you have a Karena or Katrina? If not, use them as motivation and make your workout dates with Tone It Up. They also have a community website that offers check-ins and encouragement from all the TIU members to stay focused and reach your health goals. If I am ever feeling unmotivated I text one of my friends to see if they want to workout or I go to the Tone It Up community for inspiration.


Next week Tone It Up is launching their third annual Bikini Series and is a challenge to get into the best bikini body shape. I haven’t done the Bikini Series yet, but I did their Valentine’s Love Your Body Challenge and saw great results. It was so motivating and easy to follow along because they plan your workouts for you. So buddy up your workouts by grabbing a friend and do the Bikini Series together.


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