Turks & Caicos Getaway: Staying Healthy While On Vacation!

Danny and I got back from our amazing trip to Turks & Caicos late Sunday night. I found it to be a cruel joke that mother nature decided that the MoCo area was going to explode with a snow storm on our first day home from a tropical vacation. I mean the day before I was basking in the 85 degree sunny weather, soaking up the sun, swimming in the clearest most beautiful water I have ever seen, and enjoying a 5 o’clock ( well much earlier on most days) happy hour every afternoon! I guess God was trying to show me his sense of humor.

Danny and I are a very active couple and like most vacations we go on we like to get out and explore wherever we are and be as active as we can be. To both of us, being on vacation means relaxing, but also enjoying a nice workout. We loved being able to wake up every morning and workout before relaxing the rest of the day. Unlike our honeymoon to Hawaii over 2 years ago, we made it a point to lay on the beach a lot, soak up the sun and just relax. On our honeymoon we were constantly on the go, trying to make sure we covered every inch of the beautiful island and get in every activity we could. In Turks & Caicos we did a few activities, but were in major need of some R&R too.

As I get older, I am finding that when I am on vacation, it doesn’t mean I need to take a vacation from all my healthy habits. I want to begin and end my vacation feeling refreshed and healthy, not crappy from all the junk and booze I consumed. So for this vacation I focused on finding the balance. I enjoyed  early morning workouts, ate healthy, participated in some water sport activities, & of course participated in all happy hours too! I didn’t feel guilty about indulging in some adult beverages every night for 5 days because I made healthy choices during the day that came natural to me.

So I thought I would give you a little taste of what our vacation looked like and some tips for how to enjoy yourself, but set yourself up to feel refreshed and healthy when you leave to go home.

This Is Where We Stayed 



The Gansevoort in Turks & Caicos. One of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to. Our room was gorgeous and modern and we had an amazing view of the ocean.

136 132 113 116 111

Yes there was basketball on in our room every time we came up from the beach. AND there was a beach bar at our resort, where Danny made himself right at home.

Planned Ahead And Brought Healthy Snacks

To start, I packed some of my favorite snack bars, packed with protein and fiber, as some healthy options for when I got hungry. Not to mention T&C is very expensive and this would save us some money.


We ate a late breakfast every morning after enjoying an early work out, so we were never really starving for lunch. A typical breakfast for me was an egg white omelet with veggies and a side of fresh fruit. This kept me full ( and not bloated while in a bikini) until mid afternoon.

photo (30)

Around 2 I would start to get a little hungry so I would eat a snack bar or make my own yogurt parfait. Danny went to the grocery store on the first day and bought me some plain non-fat greek yogurt and apples. I paired this with granola that I brought from home for a light lunch. This also saved us money so we could splurge on our dinners out.


Enjoyed An Early Morning Work Out on Most Days 

The Gansevoort had these amazing core fushion classes in a pavillion where I could feel the breeze and hear the ocean. This is how we all should be able to workout every day. I did a Core Fusion Yoga Class with Danny one morning and a Core Fusion Barre Class. They were both so hard and a perfect way to start my morning.

photo (25)

On the other days I went to the gym and did a HIIT workout with some ab work. We also walked 4 miles on the beach one night to dinner and took many long strolls during the day. Danny and I can’t sit still for too long without getting antsy.

photo (29)


Paddle Boarded

One of the many things I loved about our hotel was that they offered free water sport activities, like snorkeling, sailing or paddle boarding. We decided to give paddle boarding a shot, which proved to be much harder than we anticipated. I was so much better than Danny. We aren’t competitive at all!

photo (26)photo (31)

Snorkeled & Hunted For Conch!

We did a snorkel and boating adventure one afternoon and took a boat out for 4 hours. They brought us to the Great Barrier Reef which stretches 100 miles long and is a good distance from the shore. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have respectful fear of the ocean. So much so that it almost ruined our snorkeling adventure in Hawaii on our honeymoon.  I can’t exactly tell you how or why it came about, but it probably was from all those Jaws movies I watched when I was younger.

So I promised Danny I would be better this time and I definitely was. I think because the water was so clear and I could see exactly what would be coming for me… which in a weird way made me feel more comfortable! I saw some of the most beautiful, tropical fish. It was an experience I will never forget!



We snorkeled for almost an hour and at one point were very far from the boat. I came up and got nervous because I realized how far we were and started to panic a little. We made our way back to the boat and were swimming against the current. I got a serious workout kicking my little flippers as hard as I could to get back to the safety of the boat.


After snorkeling we went “Conch Hunting” ( yes that is a saying) in 3 feet of water and found Conch’s that the crew prepared a fresh Conch Salad right in front of us.

photo (28)


When preparing the salad one of the crew members pulled out the “genitalia” of the Conch and said it was the Turks & Caicos aphrodisiac. Of course Danny ate it!


Swam in the most beautiful water …

280 282 322

photo (36)

Don’t worry I did a lot of this too …

063 075 109 110 124 147 210 249 254 295 320photo (23)

Saw Beautiful Sunsets

079 083 086 089 223 307 photo (22)

Ate Amazing Fresh Food

250 251 253

From Coco Bistro ( where Sarah Jessica Parker was the night before us) – lobster tacos, lobster mango and avocado spring rolls and local fresh pan seared red snapper on the bone ( the most amazing fish I have ever had)!


Fresh Fish Tacos from Somewhere Cafe

photo (34) photo (33)

From Beach House restaurant, Jerk Spiced Roasted Chicken … stuffed with some delicious bread mixture and drizzled with bacon cream corn. And Organic Beets Stuffed with Fresh Goat Cheese. MMMMMM!


Got some much needed R&R with my wonderful Hubby

122 125 172 188 214 228 258 318

I came home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and very satisfied with myself that I found my healthy haven in Turks & Caicos. I will say that I did the 7 day slim down by Tone It Up before my trip and it helped me to feel my best.  Cuts back on bloating and fuels your body with all the nutrients you need to be a “beach babe!”  You have to buy their nutrition plan to get the 7 day slim down, but to me it is well worth the cost!

How do you practice healthy habits on vacation?

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