Beet & Feta Salad With Crushed Pistachios

As you have probably heard me say before … I am obsessed with BEETS. Not just because they are oh-so-naturally-sweet, but they have amazing health benefits too. I love to put them in my salads for an added nutritional punch and sweet flavor. Combining beets with feta is such a great pairing because it provides that sweet and salty flavor that so many of us love/crave. Throw in some crushed pistachios and you have got the perfect sweet-n-salty-crunchy combo your little heart will desire! What an added bonus that this delectable recipe is HEALTHY too!

beet salad

Use my Balsamic Dijon Vinaigrette to top it off and you have got the most perfect mouth watering salad that will leave you asking for more. I seriously could eat this every day! Serve for a light dinner and add chicken for some extra protein or bring to work for a delicious lunch! Just remember not to put the dressing on until you are ready to serve, otherwise your salad will get soggy.

Kerry’s Healthy Beet & Feta Salad With Crushed Pistachios


  • Two leaves of organic kale torn up
  • 1 to 2 cups of organic spring mix salad
  • 2 diced roasted organic beets (check here for how to roast beets)
  • 1 Tbsp of chopped red onion
  • 2 Tbsp of organic feta cheese
  • 2 Tbsp of crushed pistachios

* makes enough for one


Place washed and torn kale and spring mix in a bowl. Add diced beets, feta,  chopped red onion, and crushed pistachios to salad. Top with the BEST Balsamic Dijon Vinaigrette you will ever have. Add some chicken or chia seeds for added protein.

* Warning these flavors will explode your taste buds (in a good way).*

Can you tell I am obsessed with this salad! Enjoy!

What other ways do you incorporate beets into your diet?

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