Get Toned & Fit In Time For Those Summer Weddings!

Did you know spring is in less than 30 days? That means wedding season is around the corner!

I have a secret for all you ladies who are getting married or are in weddings this year! Tone It Up, an online nutrition and fitness resource created by two incredibly attractive and motivating beach babes, is offering a Tone It Up Wedding Series to get you in fab shape and looking your finest for the big wedding day! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to look like these two?!


I am in 3 of the 11 weddings I have for 2013! Wow, did I really say 11?! Three of my best friends are getting married this summer/fall and I have heard many of them say, I want to …. “tone up my arms, get a 6-pack, stop eating junk, find healthy recipes, find workouts that work my entire body, have someone just tell me what to do and eat, and get a banging bikini bod.” I  mean who doesn’t want all those things … wedding or no wedding.

I got married over 2 years ago and didn’t have the Tone It Up girls as a resource for challenging fitness routines and nutrition advice. To get ready for my wedding I put myself on a diet, cut out all junk and sweets, worked out like a maniac ( running 8 miles and doing a 60 min strength training classes 3 days a week, yoga, and lots of running), only took 1 day off from 6 days of intense work outs and was exhausted from constantly working out and thinking about what I wasn’t “allowed” to eat. I mean I was in the best shape of my life and had a 6-pack, but I spent too much time working out  and thinking about how badly I wanted a burger and chocolate shake. Who has time for that?! This was also a lifestyle that was not realistic for me to keep up after the wedding and although I am still extremely active today, my fitness routine is nothing like what I was doing to get in shape for my wedding. It is more balanced, realistic and enjoyable … largely because of the TIU girls!

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The Tone It Up Girls have a more balanced approach and can help you achieve your fitness goals. Change is uncomfortable and they will challenge your mind and body, but in a way that makes it seem doable. You feel like you are not in it alone because they are doing it with you and send you motivational texts and emails. It is like you have your own personal trainer that is constantly communicating with you and challenging you.  Not to mention, if you are a Mom or too busy to spend hours at the gym … you can do most of the work outs in the convenience of your home and it is FREE! Yes, that is right, most of their online videos are free. You can buy their DVD and nutrition plan for a cost ( which I did and LOVE), but if you don’t want to they offer so many free work outs and recipes. Jane Fonda calls these beach babes, Karena & Katrina, “the new faces of fitness.”

I did their 6 week Valentine’s Challenge and definitely noticed a difference in my body, attitude and energy. I would look forward to my work outs and wasn’t killing myself in the gym, but still saw great results! So for all you ladies out there that are getting ready for your big day or are a bridesmaid that wants to look just as good as the bride … check out the Wedding Series by Tone It Up. Also, sign up for their regular emails and/or challenges to get motivated and inspired to achieve your bikini body! Even if you’re not in a wedding and just want to look good for summer, I strongly recommend checking out Tone It Up.

Here is a preview of what will come with the Wedding Series.

~Wedding Series~

tone-it-up-wedding-series-tiubride-katrinaThe wedding series will include bridal babe workouts, tone it up for bridesmaids, honeymoon slim down, healthy recipes, and much more. So go ahead and do yourself a favor … take the “over-thinking” out of getting in shape and let Karena and Katrina be your trainers. You won’t regret it!

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