Get Your Zen On And Go!

“Re-charge your mind. Re-charge your body.

Re-charge your life.” -Zengo

What’s all the buzz about Zengo?! If you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out and need to try this exclusive indoor cycling and barre studio in Bethesda, MD.

What is Zengo? 

Zengo is unlike any other fitness studio in the DC area. It is a fully dedicated in-door cycling studio, equipped with one large cycling room, a posh locker area and a small room reserved for intimate barre classes. During a typical class, the cycling room is filled with bodies on 40+ stationary bikes, mirrors, dimmed lights, heart pumping music, an insanely motivating instructor, and a lot of sweat.


The cycling classes are not just your typical cycling class.  Unlike your standard cycling class, Zengo incorporates strength training and core work to this 50 minute cardio & calorie blasting work out. The instructors dedicate one whole song to toning your arms with small weights that rest on your handle bar. The arm routine models the barre method and you will be surprised how challenging it is to hold and work 2 lb weights during a 4 minute song. You will also do push-ups and other arm moves on your bike throughout the class that tone your shoulders and triceps. The entire class your core is engaged, but the instructors will also target your abs through crunches that focus on your obliques.

Zengo also offers Barre Classes that are a perfect compliment  to the intense cardio that cycling provides and will fine tone all of those problem areas!

zengo 2zengo 5

Why You Will Love Zengo

Two words. Music and the instructors. This combination alone makes for an incredibly motivating experience. The instructors are in amazing shape and know just what to say to keep you going. They will shout instructions and encouragement over the pulsing music. These instructors know their music too because every song they play will leave you cycling harder as you catch the beat and sync your ride to each song.

Why I Keep Going Back For More 

My experience with Zengo has given me something I never knew I needed in my fitness routine. I love to sweat and really feel like I am working out and this place sure provides that. It also serves as an escape for me. Sometimes my mind needs to push out everything and take a break from all that I have going on in my life. Zengo is not just my physical outlet, but mental escape as well.  Similar to the zen I feel when I complete a yoga session, Zengo leaves me with an uplifting message and feeling of empowerment that I did not have before I walked through their door.

photo (19)

So if you want to feel recharged, both mentally and physically, I highly recommend checking out this fabulous studio. It will be well worth your time and investment!

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