Treat Yourself to a Healthy Birthday!

That is just what I did this weekend as I celebrated my 28th birthday on Saturday. I decided that I wanted to have a good start to 28 by treating my body right. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said “an active and healthy day!”

On Saturday I started the day with my delicious Green Energy Smoothie to give me the energy I needed for all the activities we had planned.

photo (14)

Next up, a cycling class at Zengo … my latest exercise obsession! I usually can’t get Danny to join me for cycling, but because it was my b-day he came this time! We ran into our friends, Danny and Whitney.


After a sweat session at Zengo we braved the cold and headed out to Great Falls for a hike with our good pals Connor and Kelsey. We brought the doggies, Edward and Ripken, for some entertainment. They had a blast chasing each other all through the woods. We warmed up at Old Angler’s Inn after our hike with a  nice healthy lunch.

photo (15)

After a very active morning and afternoon I was ready for a nap! I rested up before dinner with some of my best buds at Pearl Oyster Dive Palace in DC. I have wanted to try this spot for a while and I was thoroughly impressed. The food was amazing and had an atmosphere I really enjoyed. I had oysters, mussels, a small salad, Wood Grilled Redfish with Stone Grits, and of course I saved room for a few bites of dessert :).

Image (1)

When your birthday is on a Saturday it means you get to celebrate it all weekend. So we continued the celebration on Sunday with my family. I woke up Sunday itching for a run. I usually use Sunday as my yoga day, but I was craving a long run. I decided to bring Rip with me, not knowing how long he would want to run. The furthest I have ever run with him was 3 miles and usually he stops a lot to sniff around. This time he ran 6 miles with me on the Bethesda Crescent Trail without stopping much. I was so proud and felt great after our long early morning run!

photo (21)

Sunday evening we went over to my parents house for s delicious dinner, pot luck style. Everyone brought something healthy and I just have to show you some of the amazing food we ate. Because it was my birthday celebration I wasn’t allowed to make anything and that was very difficult for me because I love to cook. But what a treat to sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful spread!

Danny was in charge of the crab cakes, and I gave him a few healthy tips ( recipe coming soon).

Food 027

My Mom made the cedar plank Salmon and Harvest Salad.

Food 024 Food 023

My mother-in-law made deliciously marinated vegetables and roasted sweet potatoes.

Food 032 Food 035

Food 038

Of course we had cake too! Red Velvet, my favorite!

Food 029 Food 033 Food 036

I am very blessed to have good health and to spend my birthday with a loving family!

The best gift you can give to yourself is the gift of health! So on your birthday, think about some ways to incorporate a fun activity to get your heart pumping or some delicious healthy food. Just because you eat something healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous!  Here’s hoping 28 is a healthy & happy year!

5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself to a Healthy Birthday!

  1. I am soo inspired by your healthy living. I am always looking for ways to improve my energy naturally. I love your heart and I am so excited to have acc

    ess to all your tips in healthy living. Love you kear bear!!

  2. I love this blog!!! Even though you’re my sister…and we talk about these healthy tips…. I often forget the details and now I have something to reference back to!!! Thank you for sharing your passion with us…its inspirational and motivating for all those around you! It was great to celebrate YOU this weekend!! I love you!!!!

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