Make Valentine’s Day A Healthy Date With Your Honey!


Valentine’s Day is a little less than a week away and it’s a day spent with your loved one(s). I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to stay in on Valentine’s Day to avoid the over crowded restaurants and make a delicious healthy meal with my hubby. I usually try to make something a little extra special, like a nice filet, crab cakes or fresh fish. Oh and don’t worry I always include dessert!

Just remember, that even though Valentine’s Day is about loving those that are special in your life, it is also about loving your body! This year I decided to love my body by doing a 6 week “Love Your Body” challenge by the Tone It Up girls. I challenged myself to make healthy choices every day and to reach 100 miles (running, hiking & cycling) by V-day. I am almost there and feel great! So do yourself a favor and show love to your body on Valentine’s Day with a feel good work out and a healthy meal.

Healthy Meal Ideas 

Pair these main dishes with roasted asparagus to get your veggies in! If I know I am having dessert, I tend not to add a starch with my main meal, but a healthy starch you can add would be roasted sweet potatoes!


Love Your Body Work Outs

2 thoughts on “Make Valentine’s Day A Healthy Date With Your Honey!

  1. Can’t wait to try your recipes! Sunday, I’ll be bringing the roasted sweet potatoes to a very special birthday party! I see the Paleo Link, and realize without him knowing it, that Matt lost 43 lbs. doing the Paleo. Great Blog… will share with friends and family!

  2. My sweet mother-in-law! Thank you so much! Yes, Paleo can make you lose a lot of weight and Pops is living proof of it … even if he didn’t mean to follow a Paleo diet! I play around with Paleo and try to have at least one Paleo meal a day, but couldn’t completely cut out all grains. See you Sunday 🙂

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