Schedule Your Workouts Like An Appointment


As all of us know, life happens and things can get in the way of your workout. You forgot about an appointment after work, dinner date with a friend, work event, happy hour, an errand pops up that you have to run after work, or you are exhausted after a long day at work and the couch is calling your name. Sound familiar?  These common situations can easily interfere with your intention to work out and derail your fitness goals for the week.

That is why I schedule all of my workouts like an appointment.  If I pencil it in on my calendar and plan out my week, I am sure not to miss my workout. Sundays are my planning day. I plan all my meals and workouts for the week ahead. I love doing this because it takes the thinking out of your week and makes it so easy to make healthy choices!

My typical fitness routine for the week incorporates the following:

  • 5 days of cardio ( could include running, kickboxing and cycling)
  • 3 days of strength training
  • 1 day of yoga
  • 1 active rest day

I like to take an active rest day, never completely taking a full day off from physical activity. A rest day for me could be a 2nd day of yoga, a hike with my dog or a light run. I will take a rest day if I have had a tough week and my body needs a break.

There are so many days, especially in the winter, that I can easily lose the motivation to work out. Either I am too cold to get out of bed in the morning for an early morning workout before work or I am driving home in the dark and am fighting the temptation to cozy up on my couch and indulge in some reality TV. Scheduling my workouts like appointments really motivates me to fight off these temptations and complete my workout; especially because I know it will make me feel better when I am done.  During the winter I tend to rely more on the gym in my apartment complex, DVDs and online fitness routines on youtube to avoid the cold!

Each week my workout routine can change, but I try to keep the general combo listed above. Today when I got home from work I was feeling extra tired and sat down on the couch when I got home. I was so tempted to put my spandex on and a big sweatshirt, but I had a date with my gym I knew I needed to keep! Setting my intention earlier in the week helped me get my butt off the couch and down in the gym. Boy did I feel so much better after my workout and proud that I followed through!

So make Sunday your planning day and make a date/appointment with yourself to keep your health as a priority. After all, you are worth it to take time for yourself each day. Your body will thank you later and it will make you want to eat healthy! I enjoyed a delicious Honey Dijon Salmon with Rosemary and Garlic Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli after my workout. MMM!

Check out my workout plan for this week:

  • Sunday: Lululemon Community Yoga
  • Monday: 30 minute run and 2 toning routines by Tone It Up
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes run and 4 toning routines by Tone It Up
  • Wednesday:  50 minutes of cardio kickboxing
  • Thursday: 45 minute run and abs
  • Friday: 30 min run and 4 toning routines by Tone It Up
  • Saturday: Zengo Cycle (my latest obsession!)

1 thought on “Schedule Your Workouts Like An Appointment

  1. Wow , I am really impressed with your discipline! Your workout appointment schedule is amazing! I love your varied approach to fitness so you don’t get bored. I am learning a
    lot from your blog.

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